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Official Account. - Sephiroth

Hello and welcome to my profile. This is my official and only account I made here.
I was on Blingee with the same username.

Some informations about me:
- Name: Sephiroth Crescent.
- Age: 32 years old.
- Gender: Male.
- Birthdate: 22 December.
- Zodiac sign: Capricorn.
- Relationship: Engaged with my princess (TeodoraWitchblade).[28.12.2015]
- Height: 185cm.
- Weight: 93kg.
- Occupation: Soldier First Class.
- Brothers/Sisters: A twin brother.
- Country: I moved into my fiancee's country. (Romania)

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27/07/2021 21:58

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Assume life of insanity.
I'm not a monster.
Silence consumes their minds.
And I swam in the wakes of imposters.
I've got the power, Who's got the action?
But today you will die.
Welcome to the wild, no heroes or villains.
Cosmic energies will spread in the Universe.
I am a lion born from things you cannot be.
I won't become what I was before.
I'll go on fighting.
The clock keeps ticking.
Snatch darkness from these hours.
Everywhere I go, the battle has been won.
This world will never be what I expected.
Because I know you're lost when you run away.
I can see through the flames.
Everybody's on something here.
One day it shines for us.
Everything we do in life.
Fate changes faster than the death of light.
You're nothing if you're just another.
Time to roll the dice.
Official Account. - Sephiroth

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Kurumi Tokisaki
· 27 Červenec 2021
Hello my love! :x